Took my N3 JLPT test today at Maranatha Christian University. Horrendous. Out of the three parts (vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening), the vocabulary test is the most painful to go through. Kanji compounds that I’ve never met before (like 沸騰 futtou) keeps popping up and I just can’t bullshit my way out because it’s something you have to know and remember… unlike the reading comprehension part, in which I can use my special skill, Guessing from Context, so I can answer most of them. As for the listening part, it was painful for the first few questions, because I had to listen to conversations where the speakers just blab out sentences chock full of workplace-use kanji compounds like 資料 shiryou in unbelievable speeds; I just can’t keep up with the voices. The later parts were easier, though.

Well, it was hellish because I was stupid. I’ll study and try to get better.


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