I Actually Did It

Crazy enough, I actually passed the N3 JLPT. As I expected, my vocabulary score was trash (38/60) but what I didn’t expect was that I would score a perfect 60 in the grammar section. My listening score is good, too (52). With 150 total score out of possible 180, I passed it with B in Vocabulary and A in Grammar.

My memorization skill has always been crap. I can learn about something and then immediately forget about it in hours. Thankfully, my efforts to study Japanese on weekends isn’t fully wasted. Even though I forgot all those complicated kanji, the grammar-stuff like sentence structures and shit stuck in my head, and also awakening my innate special ability, 「 Guessing from Context 」.

Yet it all means jack shit since I still can’t even read Japanese articles.

Still, I think a perfect 60 score is somewhat overkill. Did I actually achieve that or did the grading machine make an error? I hope it’s the former, of course, but as an underachiever, I sometimes can’t believe it when I do something remotely amazing.


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