I used to not think much of SSL. You know, that green lock thing you see on the browser’s navigation bar that indicates whether the data transfer going on between you and the site you’re visiting is secured or not? When it’s around, it means the site has SSL enabled. I’ve known that it’s an important thing for a long time, but I don’t really care about it since I never send and receive sensitive data over the Internet, so I’m not fearful that there are sneaky hackers snatching or tampering my data. Turns out it’s not hackers but my own ISP that taught me to think otherwise.

Top: the ad when it shows on the bottom of the page. Note the correct location of the search results box.
Bottom: the ad when it shows on the top. Note the erroneous existence of the gap between the search bar and the results box.
Both: I won’t find what I’m looking for because All You Need Is Kill is set to release in March 29th. I’m a retard.

There’s a saying on the Internet: “if you’re not paying for it, then you’re the product.” That’s a harsh way of saying that there’s almost always a catch to free services. Good examples are Google and Facebook, they let us use their services on the conditions that they can monitor things we do and then serve us advertisements. Their services are free, so it’s understandable. A bad example would be Telkom’s IndiHome. Well, it shouldn’t be an example at all since I’m paying for it, but it still seems like I’m being the goddamn product.

I know I’m a whiny bitch and this is a whiny post, but I pay a quarter of my monthly salary for a 500KBps home internet and they still inject ads into the webpages I visit. They pollute the DNS so I can’t visit sites like Vimeo, and then they tamper the data I got from the websites I can actually visit and put up stupid banners on top and bottom of the page–they can be closed, yeah, but it fucks up most sites’ navbar position and I hate it.

What SSL has anything to do with this is that Telkom can’t tamper the data on servers with SSL enabled. It locks the data with magic Internet keys to ensure that no funny business is going on with the data you send and receive, preventing third-parties with magic Internet sledgehammers who wants you and the server receive botched data from having their way.

But in the end, the sky is still blue, the sun still rises from the east, the government still censors everything, and the rain still only comes when I’m going home from work… so I don’t think Telkom is going to stop this funny business anytime soon. I’ll just wish every site I regularly visit gets an SSL certificate someday.

They somehow put ads on the UseeTV too.

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