The Classic Case of Indosat Stealing My Money

I said “classic” because I Googled this problem and found that this happened to other people too. DISCLAIMER: I do not know the definition of “classic.”

I don’t use my phone’s mobile data internet. There’s cable internet at home, there’s cable internet with a broadband internet as fallback at work, and there better be free Wi-Fi at the place I eat out in. It’s unnecessary for me–I don’t even have the mobile data toggle-button in my notification shade. That’s why I got baffled the fuck out when these messages arrived.

You wa Shock!!

Oh, this phone is new. I must’ve gotten some settings wrong, I thought. There were settings like “Always receive MMS” set to on, and even though I’m pretty sure I have never got and never will get any MMS, I set it to off. For good measure, I even screwed with the APN settings and did things like set the APN username to “indosatooooooreeeedooooo.”

I locked the screen and pocketed the phone again. “Whew, lost Rp 8000 today. Let’s not have it happen again.” Guess what? It happened again the next day.

Something’s definitely off. Before taking out the SIM card and tossing it out of the window, I Googled if there has been such cases. There are, and there’s no clear solution on how to solve it. Sketchy info-sharing blogs (that copy-paste it’s contents from all over the place to get those good delicious ad revenue money) said that I should hit up the number 726 and check if I have any ongoing content services. I never signed up for one (seriously, who would?), but I know full well that these services just latch on to people for no reason, and I must be another victim.

Sure enough, I am.


Time for this to end. I sent out messages trying to unregister me from the service. None worked.


Options exhausted, I had to call the customer service center at 185. I asked the person on the other side of the phone to unregister me from everything. A message came mid-call that confirms that I have been unregistered from the service. I said “Thanks” to the customer service operator and let her continue her shitty Sunday job, god bless her poor soul.

More like Unlucky Day lolololol seriously though I hope whoever invented this thing goes to hell

Ugh, I really should throw my SIM card out of the window and get me a new one, (I’m thinking of something hip like XL or bourgeois like Simpati) but I had this number for, like, 7 years and it’ll be a hassle to reconfigure phone number-dependent services like WhatsApp and Google. I think I’ll change my number after I resign from my job.

So, that happened minutes ago and the matter is supposed to be solved now, but to be sure, I blew the remaining phone money I have to buy Love Live! Love Gems. Wasting my money to get that SR Chika is better than having it sucked out by some dubious service of some dubious company.


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