Config Explosion

This Tuesday, I restarted my router through the web interface, just like usual. When the router was back on, the Wi-Fi SSID mysteriously changed to “RT5390_1” and I couldn’t connect–well, I think I could, but it gave me a bullshit mumbo-jumbo IP and no gateway. No go through Wi-Fi, no go through Ethernet. Since there’s little thing I could do without access to the router’s web configuration interface, I decided to poke the reset hole. Sure enough, it’s back to factory settings. I can connect to the router again, yay.

But not so yay, since I could no longer connect to the internet. See, the “tech dudes” who came to my house and installed the cables, routers, set-top box and stuff only wrote my internet username on the router’s box. Without a password to grant me access to the world, my modem router is just a local network router. I had to go to my nearest Plasa and ask for my password. Thinking about it, I should’ve just called 147 and asked the customer service guy… but I don’t know whether it’ll work or not since they’re usually not helpful anyway.

So the lesson is, I should take note of my router settings including the ISP username and password. Also, the Zyxel router is kinda trash for getting messed up over a simple restart.

Wily Wee to Xeny Xee

I said something in my previous post:Why fix something that isn’t broken?Well, my OS isn’t broken but I decided to upgrade it anyway because I can’t update my Firefox if I don’t upgrade my Ubuntu (Xubuntu to be exact, but they’re not all that different). So I did. I shouldn’t have, really.

1,157 MB isn’t that big, but when it’s made up of a thousand files instead of one, it’s gonna take longer.

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