No-IP with Telkom’s Zyxel Router

The first time my company gave me a virtual development server to test my apps in, I was hooked. I can install stuff on it! Run three different web servers! Git deploy my apps! (I haven’t tried any of those since it’s not my server, but it’s what I’d do if it was) Screw web hosting, I want a VPS! But, of course, with great power comes great fees, and I can’t afford to rent one. Er, actually, I can, but if I do that, it’ll earn me the title “Financially Irresponsible.”

Then the other day, I got an idea. What if I just set up my own server here, in my own home? I already have a non-stop DSL connection here, so what’s left is just getting myself a server and a whole lotta configuration. Problem is, how can I make things as cheap as possible? I mean, I’m just going to use it for fun, not for business or anything even remotely serious.

My answer is: Home connection + Raspberry Pi + No-IP. Continue reading “No-IP with Telkom’s Zyxel Router”