This country has strict censorship laws on television, everyone knows that. But what about comic books? Well, I was naive. Because I’ve seen Highschool of the Dead lined up on the shelves, I thought censorship on comic books were kinda non-existent and they can get away with anything… which is a very stupid thought, now that I think about it. Point is, the fourth volume of Kasane just proved me wrong.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the outline on the upper panel is visibly pixelated due to extreme zoomification, and the image in the lower panel looks like it was cut-and-pasted around.
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Wily Wee to Xeny Xee

I said something in my previous post:Why fix something that isn’t broken?Well, my OS isn’t broken but I decided to upgrade it anyway because I can’t update my Firefox if I don’t upgrade my Ubuntu (Xubuntu to be exact, but they’re not all that different). So I did. I shouldn’t have, really.

1,157 MB isn’t that big, but when it’s made up of a thousand files instead of one, it’s gonna take longer.

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Yasho & Shochan

I binged The Shape of Voice (Koe no Katachi) today. A heart-wrenching tale of redemption with a nice art got me hooked.

Dian Indrinuswati-sensei translated the first two volumes, and Ratih A. Anggraini-sensei picked it up and finished the remaining five. They did a good job, just what I expect from professionals, but this manga has one of those untranslatable Japanese wordplay thingy.

As dense as a neutron star.

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Subtitles, not Closed Captions

At first RWBY seemed like a low-budget show that panders to otakus. I mean, it’s about young girls in colorful clothing fighting monsters using impractical weapons. But after watching it, I can say letting a group of Americans make a battle shounen pseudo-anime creates a unique experience.

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